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COP26 book collections

The virtual showcase focusing on the climate crisis

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In support of both the Milan Pre-COP Meeting and the Glasgow COP26 Meeting, 39 book publishers have contributed titles focusing on the climate crisis to a virtual showcase hosted on the Exact Editions platform.

The initiative is supported by the International Publishers Association (IPA) and Save The Children in their respective missions to spread awareness about the need for urgent combative actions against the climate crisis across society, both for the world of today and future generations. Each participating publisher has its own shelf of four titles, which range widely between fiction, non-fiction and children’s books. There is also a separate collection of all the German-language books in the showcase, following a strong response from the German book publishing sector.
Using Exact Editions Reading Rooms technology, five publishers’ COP26 children’s book collections are free online until 3 November 2021. The Carlsen, Casterman, Nosy Crow, Cicada and Scallyway Press collections are packed full of ideas about how we can protect Planet Earth.

 Here is some more information about the publishers and their COP26 Collections:

1.      Carlsen

Founded in 1953 as a German subsidiary to Forlaget Carlsen in Denmark, Carlsen is Germany’s market leader in children’s books. The collection includes: 

•   Das große Conni-Umweltbuch by Bianca Borowski & Hanna Sörensen

•   Die Umweltkonferenz der Tiere by Anita Von Saan & Dorothea Trust

•   Für Weltretter by Petra Klose & Alexander von Knorre

•   Plastik? by Dela Kienle & Horst Hollmeier 

Access the collection here.


2.      Casterman

Based in Brussels and Paris, Casterman publishes youth literature and comics. Since it was founded in 1777 it has evolved to meet the editorial expectations of the time. The collection includes:

•   Agir Pour la Planète by Jean-Michael Billioud & Wouzit 

•   Le Défi Vélo by Viriginie Le Pape & Charline Collette

•   Halte Aux Dechets by Ola Woldańska-Płocińska

•   La Vie Secrete De La Foret by Viriginie Le Pape & Victoria Dorche

Access the collection here.


3.      Nosy Crow

Founded in 2011, with the aim of creating books that encourage children to read for pleasure, Nosy Crow is a multi-award-winning, independent children’s publishing company based in London. The collection includes:

•   Earth Friends, Fair Fashion by Holly Webb

•   Earth Heroes by Lily Dyu & Amy Blackwell

•   How to Help a Hedgehog and Protect a Polar Bear by Jess French & Angela Keoghan

•   The Wide Wide Sea by Anna Wilson & Jenny Løvlie

Access the collection here.


4.      Cicada

Cicada, established in 2009, is a New York Times Award winning London-based publishing company which specialises in beautiful books for children. The collection includes:

•         At This Very Moment by Matthew Hodson

•         Disappearing Acts by Isabella Bunnell 

•         Earth Shattering Events by Robin Jacobs & Sophie Williams

•         The Young Cyclist’s Companion by Peter Drinkell & Thomas Slater

Access the collection here.


5.      Scallywag Press

Scallywag Press, founded in 2018, strives to bring entertaining and memorable books to a worldwide audience. The collection includes:

•   The After Christmas Tree by Bethan Welby

•   Hey, Water! by Antoinette Portis

•   I Saw A Bee by Rob Ramsden

•   The Tale Of The Whale by Karen Swann & Padmacandra

Access the collection here.

Find out more about the COP26 Virtual Book Showcase here.


Starting October, 28th you can all access the whole COP26 Virtual Book Showcase, available until November, 22nd.

Check out the 156 books featured in this amazing project here.

Get involved, join in the conversation on social media using #PublishersForThePlanet. 

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