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Encyclopodia. A walking tour of Casa Carducci

Marion Bataille for BOOM! 2021 and Casa Carducci

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Encyclopodia, a bizarre reinterpretation of Giosue Carducci and his house, would have been the flagship project of the 2020 edition of BOOM! Crescere nei libri.

French designer and excellent book creator, Marion Bataille accepted a challenge: working on one of the greatest Italian poets without knowing his language. She weaved her work on rhythm, alphabets and paper to the house and the words of the poet.

If you could take a walk on a language, it would be an "encyclopodia”.
Bataille tied together the rhythm of her steps to the rhythm of Carducci’s poems, turning his house into a musical score.

Given the suspension of all activities this year, Bataille's project will be launched during the 2021 edition of Bologna Children's Book Fair and BOOM! Crescere nei libri

Here is a small preview.
See you next year. 

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