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Silent Book Contest - Gianni De Conno Award: the 2024 finalists

Let's discover more about the 16 stories and the authors of the projects

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Here are the finalists of the XI Edition of the Silent Book Contest 2024 – Gianni De Conno Award!


After the great success of the 10th edition of the Prize, the Silent Book Contest has started again with its 11th edition.
The organizing committee has Carthusia Edizioni as main organizer and consolidated leader of the SBC, flanked by important partners such as the Bologna Children's Book Fair, the Turin International Book Fair, the Municipality of Mulazzo and the Montereggio Paese dei Librai Association, IOB International Organization of Book Towns, Centro per il Libro e la Lettura, and IBBY Italy, who shared this extraordinary journey with us again this year.
Furthermore, BPER Banca confirms its contribution to the prize, choosing to continue supporting such an inclusive and international project like the Silent Book Contest.
Thanks to the contribution of BPER, the Silent Book Contest Junior Award also continues, in its fifth edition, which, in addition to the International Jury Award, includes an International Children's Jury that will judge and decree its winner among the 16 finalist works of this year.
Another upcoming confirmation is represented by the media partnership with Rai Kids and Rai Radio 3 for the events connected to the Silent Book Contest – Gianni De Conno Award: for all partners it is an important recognition of the work carried out in recent years, with passion and determination and the results achieved.
At the 11th Edition of the Silent Book Contest – Gianni De Conno Award, which closed on February 5, 2024, 240 unpublished works from 49 different countries and territories took part: a confirmation of great participation that testifies to the importance of the cultural promotion work carried out in all these years by Silent Book Contest among illustrators and operators in Italy and in the world, which has led to constant growth and diffusion.
The International Jury, chaired by Walter Fochesato (scholar of children's literature and history of illustration – Italy) and composed of Emanuela Bussolati (illustrator – Italy), Eros Miari (member of the editorial board of the Turin International Book Fair – Italy), Marco Gillo (journalist and deputy editor-in-chief at “Corriere della Sera”), Elena Pasoli (director of Bologna Children's Book Fair – Italy), Sonja Riva (writer and journalist of RSI – Switzerland), Sara Wang (CEO of Sidee Cultural Communication – China), Javier Zabala (illustrator – Spain), Patrizia Zerbi (publisher of Carthusia Edizioni – Italy) has selected 16 unpublished finalist projects with the support of Costanza De Conno of the SBC Organizing Secretariat.

The 16 finalist projects are:

  • Ahmad Momeny (Afghanistan) - Mi casa
  • Aleksandra Artymowska (Poland) - The Yarn
  • Alice Cao (Canada) - Stamped
  • Bi Li Ge (China) - A journey home
  • Carol Coquette (Brazil) - Favilla
  • Gerard Sancho Novell (Andorra) - Operación tresmenocuarto
  • Keung (China) - Life of a Painting
  • Lana Alma (Russia) - Windows
  • Lara Kaminski (Germany) - The Winter coat
  • Letizia Battisti (Italy) - Il coraggio di Susy
  • Markéta Penickova (Czech Rep.) - Firefly
  • Maya Gonen (Israel) - The Forest Within
  • Nelli Lassen (Russia) - The cat in the Museum
  • Qi Jiaona (China) - Roll the lantern
  • Santiago Viamonte Martinez (Spain) - We are fiercy beasts
  • Thais Mesquita (Brasil) - The search
On April 8th, 2024 at 4.25 pm, at the "Illustrator’s Cafè" of the Bologna Children's Book Fair, there will be the presentation event of the 16 finalists of the competition with the participation of the jury and some partners of the award.
At the end of the presentation there will also be the award ceremony of the winner of the last 2023 edition of the Silent Book Contest Junior, Zongxi Deng, chosen by the jury of children with her silent book "Senza fine", just published in the "Silent Book" series by Carthusia.
Also from 8th April 2024, the Virtual Exhibition of the 16 finalists SBC 2024 will be active, organized by Carthusia and visitable via links on www.silentbookcontest.com and from Carthusia’s website www.carthusiaedizioni.it 
Subsequently, in mid-May, at the Turin International Book Fair the Award Ceremony of the winning book of the SBC 2024 will take place in the presence of the Jury and the winner Author / Illustrator with the official delivery of the printed volume and, also there, the inauguration of the physical exhibition of the finalists.

Since 2018 the Silent Book Contest is dedicated to Gianni De Conno, its ideator and creator. An artist of great impact, one of the greatest illustrators of the Italian publishing scene, in which he operated a dense dreamlike vein sustained by an inclination to hyperrealism, a magical and surrealism, a sort of profoundly original creative oxymoron. Gianni De Conno was also a true “Grandmaster”, he illustrated and interpreted the world, he taught with passion and care, in this little and small editorial world, he made a lot of other extraordinary things in his work.

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