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BOP2020 - TUTI Books, Iran

Let’s meet the BOP 2020 nominees

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The celebration for the 2020 BOP – Bologna Prize for the Best Children’s Publishers of the Year is a key part of the BCBF Online Special Edition. The BOP Prize is awarded each year to showcase editorial projects, professional skills and intellectual qualities of work from publishing houses all over the world. Let’s meet TUTI Books, nominee for ASIA!


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TUTI Books (a division for children and YA at Fatemi Publishing Co.) based in Tehran, Iran, is solely dedicated to publishing high-quality content for children and young adults across the world. TUTI's endeavors in this regard are backed by Iran's rich history of culture and literature, which has always had a tremendous amount to offer. TUTI Books is proud to be among the handful of publishers in Iran who are active in this field on a global scale.
Moreover, as introducing world literature to Iranian children and young adults is a big part of TUTI's mission. TUTI is constantly looking for and acquiring selective titles from all over the world to further tighten the cultural ties between nations.
TUTI is the Persian word for "Parrot"; a bird that is rooted deeply in Iranian literature and is known for uttering fascinating stories.
The three books TUTI has chosen are some of its best titles, such as The Boxer (that recently won the Bratislava GRAND PRIX), What A Brilliant Idea! also won several national awards and been recognized in many international contests and You Are An Explorer that has been just published and already sold to other languages.

TUTI Books, Iran

On the Bookshelf

Hasan Mousavi, The Boxer, TUTI Books

Narjes Mohammadi, What a brilliant idea!, TUTI Books

You are an explorer, TUTI Books

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