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CICLA 2020: and the award goes to...

Presenting the 2020 Chen Bochui International Children's Literature Award winners

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The Chen Bochui International Children's Literature Award (CICLA) is one of the longest running literary prizes in China.

Founded in 1981 by the Shanghainese children’s writer, Chen Bochui (1906-1997), it honours authors, illustrators and professionals of children's literature who have made a great contribution to children's literature in China.

Since 2014, it has been reframed as an international competition judged by a multicultural panel of children's literature specialists, which aims to foster international cultural exchange, encourage the production of beautiful and inspiring children's contents, and promote healthy reading habits around China.

This year, the jury was presided by Gao Hongbo, children's write, poet and essayist, and composed of publisher and children’s writer Liu Jianbin (China), picture book consultant and curator Mariela Nagle (Argentina), Bologna Children’s Book Fair director Elena Pasoli (Italy), children’s novelist Qin Wenjun (China), critic and professor Xu Yan (China), picture book artist Yu Rong (UK), literature professor Zhang Li (China), and Shanghai Juvenile and Children’s Publishing House art director Zhao Xiaoyin (China).

 Here are the 2020 Chen Bochui International Children's Award winners:


cicla best picture books of the year

Best Picture Books of the Year

1.º Direito (First Floor Right), by Ricardo Henriques and illustrated by Nicolau Fernandes. Published by Pato Lógico Edições in 2020.

Mr. Black and His Dog, by Jiu’er. Published by Guizhou People's Publishing House in 2019.

A Falling Whale, by Xi Yuke Published by Daylight Publishing House in 2019.

The Snow Comes Around, by Mei Zihan and illustrated by Igor Oleynikov. Published by Guizhou People's Publishing House in 2019.

The Truth about Old People, by Elina Ellis. Published by Two Hoots in 2020.

best picture books chinese loanguage

Best Literary Works in Chinese Language

A Non-existent Villa, by Huang Yingzhao. Published by China Juvenile and Children's Publishing House in 2019.

Building a Ceramic Kiln and Giving It to You, by Peng Xuejun. Published by 21st Century Publishing Group in 2019.

Xiao Su and I, by Huang Chunhua. Published by Anhui Juvenile and Children's Publishing House in 2020.

Running Dai Er’niu, by Huang Beijia. Published by Phoenix Juvenile and Children’s Publishing Ltd in 2019.

A Smile Among Thorns: Xiao Cong, by Yang Xiaoyan. Published by 21st Century Publishing Group in 2020.

Additionally, two special prizes were awarded to figures whose career have left a deep mark on the children’s book community, both inside and outside China. 

Special Contribution Award

Zhang Qiusheng (China), famed author of fairy tales and children’s poems, and also publisher.

Best Author of the Year Award

Ed Young (United States of America), illustrator and picture books author.
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