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The Children-Spectators 2021

“The Children-Spectators” is an exhibition coming within the framework of the European project “ Mapping. A Map on the aesthetics ...


Beyond Sight

Illustrations and accessibility: the tactile graphics in the exhibition  Beyond Sight / Oltre la vista / Miru o koete is on show alongside ...


The Children-Spectators

The Bologna Children’s Book Fair is always open to exciting new projects involving the arts and illustration. One of these is ‘Mapping ...


Books that celebrate THE BOOK

In recent years picture books on the subject of the book itself have flourished including stories of libraries, bookstores, publishers, activists, ...


“Books! How I love them!”

This text is courtesy of Jeanette Winter for A UNIVERSE OF STORIES. STARRING: THE BOOK exhibition. Some of the illustrations were specially ...


Lucy’s Book

Author Natalie Jane Prior talks about “Lucy’s Book”, the picture book she created with Cheryl Orsini, featured in the BCBF ...


The Magic Bookshop

Author Natalie Jane Prior tells about “The Magic Bookshop”, the picture book she created with Cheryl Orsini on show in the BCBF ...


Artists seeking masterpieces

The BCBF Illustrators Exhibition has a long and interesting history, whose story was told in 2016 by the exhibition “Artists and Masterpieces ...